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December 16, 2018

Going Back To School On Your Company's Dime?Corporate Tuition Assistance Programs Are Growing In Popularity. How To Capitalize On The Trend And Find The Right Program For You.
Many firms find it pays to invest in re-educating their employee ... More >>

Why It's Wise To Hire Veterans With Disabilities
Many businesses recognize the importance of hiring veterans with disabilities. ... More >>

Happiness And How Couples Spend
Talking to your spouse about holiday spending plans can be good for your relationship and happiness. ... More >>

Take Steps To Improve Your Retirement Confidence
How boomers can fix things that have gone awry with their retirement plans. ... More >>

Five Tips For Safety
Keep your important shipments safe. ... More >>

The Risks And Rewards Of Multilevel Marketing
Things to consider before taking up network marketing. ... More >>

How To Give The Most Requested Gift This Holiday Season
Make gift giving easier. ... More >>

Seasonal Work Can Bring The Gift Of A Great Career
A good job may be yours for the holidays?and beyond. ... More >>

Postal Service Tips For A Less-Stressed Holiday
Tips to help postal customers have a happier holiday. ... More >>

Making Sense Of Cryptocurrencies
What does cryptocurrency mean and should you buy in? ... More >>

Six Steps To Help Students Get Into, And Pay For, College
Getting into college can seem complicated, even overwhelming?but help is available. ... More >>

Study Shows School Vouchers Actually Save Money
There could be good news for taxpayers?especially those who are also parents of school-age kids. ... More >>

A New Kind Of Higher Education
A new academic experience helps students customize their education while guaranteeing they'll graduate with credentials in both professional and life interests. ... More >>

Establishing A Competitive Edge: SMB Spending Trends That Create A Competitive Advantage
To maintain a competitive edge, SMBs must prioritize investments in software technology. ... More >>

Four Tips For Protecting Your Family's Financial Future
You can increase your peace of mind as you plan for retirement. ... More >>

Four Tips For Better Managing Your Retirement Budget
With proper planning, you may have more cash in your golden years. ... More >>

Twice A Victim: Finding A Path Forward After An Accident
Because there are often long delays in collecting payments for legitimate insurance claims, injured parties can become "twice victims." ... More >>

Parents Say They're 'Yoda' About Finances
Many parents don't follow Yoda's famous saying "Do. Or do not. There is no try" when it comes to buying life insurance. ... More >>

Five Tips To Help You Ace Personal Finance 101
Tips to help students navigate college and maintain a strong financial foundation. ... More >>

Survey Finds That Employers, Employees Disagree On The Importance Of Professional Soft Skills
Professional soft skills are among the most necessary for employees to possess. ... More >>

After An Accident: Dealing With The 'What Now?'
There's a faster way to get the cash for living expenses and medical care while you're waiting for insurance to pay you after an accident. ... More >>

Location, Location, Location: New Survey Reveals Top Neighborhood Priorities
Characteristics that comprise the ideal neighborhood vibe. ... More >>

Now's The Time To Get Set For Applying To College
Vacation time is a good time for seniors and their parents to get a head start on the college application process. ... More >>

Loan Officer Reveals Secret To A Good Night's Sleep
A conventional mortgage with private mortgage insurance could be the fastest and least expensive route to a new home. ... More >>

Where Does School Money Go? Not To Teachers, Study Shows
For decades, teacher salaries have not kept up with inflation. ... More >>

A Great Way To Tap Into A Hot Job Sector
Careers that make a difference. ... More >>

A Great American Workforce
One organization provides employment opportunities to people who are blind, right here in the United States. ... More >>

An American Classic At Work
Chances are you've had your hands on an American classic. ... More >>

Become Credit Savvy And Help Better Protect Your Identity
There are resources available to help you learn about credit and put you in the driver's seat. ... More >>

Stop What You're Doing And Download These Free Money-Saving Tools ASAP
Saving while shopping can be more likely--and more fun--with the aid of three handy apps. ... More >>

Five Questions To Ask When Meeting With A Financial Advisor About Retirement Planning
A financial professional with experience in retirement planning strategies can be an extremely valuable resource. ... More >>

Success Stories Prove That No One Gets A Diploma Alone
On average, individuals with a high school degree can expect to earn 30 percent more than those without one. ... More >>

Five Ways To Fight Back Against Identity Fraud
You can protect yourself from identity theft. Here are five tips on how. ... More >>

Medical Debt Guide: How To Deal With High Medical Bills
There are various options available when it comes to choosing coverage and paying for medical care costs. ... More >>

Five Tips To Help Build Good Credit
You can build credit and rebuild credit after financial missteps. ... More >>

Should You Stay In Your Home Or Move During Retirement?
A retiree's home is often the anchor to his or her golden years. ... More >>

Locking Or Freezing Your Credit Report Is One Important Step You Can Take To Help Better Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft
A "security freeze" or a "credit report lock" can help you restrict certain access to your credit information. ... More >>

Following High-Profile Credit Breaches, Credit Freezes Emerge As Most Effective Safeguard
Through the simple process of freezing your credit, you can be confident your personal information is secure. ... More >>

This Second Career Keeps You Rolling!
Owning an electric bike store is an increasingly popular second or third career. ... More >>

How Women Can Become Better Negotiators To Navigate The Workplace
Good negotiating skills are learned over time and, when done well, can provide many benefits. ... More >>

How To See Actual Government Documents
Government documents are much easier to see than most people realize. ... More >>

Uncle Sam Wants You To Save For Retirement
A little-known tax credit could make saving for retirement more affordable. ... More >>

New Equifax Lock Service: Your Questions Answered
When it comes to restricting certain access to their Equifax credit reports, consumers have a new option with the Equifax Lock & Alert. ... More >>

Happier As A Homeowner
Homeownership generates higher levels of happiness, especially among millennials. ... More >>

When It Comes To Investing, Are You A Bull Or A Bear? Or Are You More Of A Narwhal, Or A Mason Bee?
Once you understand your real investing style, you can look for an approach that will actually work for your personality. ... More >>

Get The Fair, Accurate And Substantiated Credit Report You Deserve
A good credit score is important, but many credit reports have harmful errors. ... More >>

Three Steps Toward A Better Retirement In 2018
You can make your retirement years more fulfilling. ... More >>

Know The Basics About Virtual Currencies
Investors should understand the risks that go with virtual currencies before adding them to their portfolios. ... More >>

Is A Self-Paced, Competency-Based Education Right For You? Here Are The Six Questions You Should Ask Yourself.
Competency-Based Education may be for you. ... More >>

Five Tips To Save Time And Money This Tax Season
Taxes are inevitable but there are many smart ways to save time and money throughout the process. ... More >>

Get Help Tapping Talent
Employers looking for qualified and highly skilled workers may be missing out on an untapped talent pool—people with disabilities. ... More >>

Tips To Help You Buy A Home Despite Student Debt
Good news for young people hoping to buy their first home. ... More >>

Finding Help With Expensive Medications
If you or someone you love has a chronic disease or a life-threatening condition, pharmaceutical manufacturers offer you a gift of hope. ... More >>

You Can Get On Track For Retirement
You have the skills it takes to save for retirement. ... More >>

Three Simple Ways To Keep Your Information Safer
Easy steps to make it harder for fraudsters to use your personal data. ... More >>

PSAT/NMSQT Gives Students Learning Tools And Opportunities
One test can show students their best road to higher education. ... More >>

How Can I Protect Myself From Identity Theft?
While there are many advantages of living in a connected world, the rise of cybercrime poses risks to our personal information. ... More >>

Here's Something Your Life Insurance Company May Be Hiding From You
Older Americans may have a financial resource they don't know they have. ... More >>

How Young Men Can Improve Their Futures
The road to a good education and career can begin with a single, simple step. ... More >>

Between The Farm And Your Table: The Finance Behind Thanksgiving Dinner
Learn about the futures markets in a fun way. ... More >>

Older People Improve Life For Others And Themselves
Many older Americans have discovered sharing their accumulated wisdom with others who need help can be a big win all around. ... More >>

How To Protect Your Data
Protect your data with seven simple steps. ... More >>

Top Tips For Retirement Planning In Your 40s, 50s and 60s
For some, retirement may still be down the road, but planning for your future should happen at every age. ... More >>

How To Be Prepared In Case The Housewarming Party Isn't The Only Surprise In Your New Home
No matter how thorough your home inspection, the odds are your new house will reveal a surprise shortly after you move in. ... More >>

Beware Of Stock Fraud In The Wake Of Natural
Financial fraud routinely follows on the heels of natural disasters—but you don't have to be a victim. ... More >>

Understanding Education And Military Families
Keeping up America's military strength can begin in classrooms around the country. ... More >>

It's Time To Get Smart About College Savings
An essential tool for college savings can be a 529 college savings plan: a tax-advantaged program designed to encourage saving for college. ... More >>

Common Small Business Health Insurance Misconceptions
While health care can be mystifying, small businesses need not fall prey to misinformation and myths. ... More >>

What Parents Want
A new survey finds parents in a robust school choice state are more satisfied with their kids' education. ... More >>

What You Need To Know About Applying To College
College application season doesn't have to be stressful. Some things students should know can help. ... More >>

The Click That Gives You Control Over Online Ads
Clicking on a blue triangle in online ads can give you information and choices about the types of ads you see. ... More >>

Interpol's Most Wanted: Bulgarian Bernie Madoff Tries To Buy His Freedom
Tzvetan Vassilev's scheme was as simple as it was daring: buy a bank and, over the course of several years, systematically drain its assets. ... More >>

Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Life
Helpful hints to ease and enhance your life. ... More >>

Good Options For Funding Your Long-Term Care
Viable options for privately funding long-term care costs. ... More >>

It's A Myth That Only New-Car Dealers Can Service Vehicles Under Warranty
By law, independent repair shops as well as auto dealers can provide services to maintain your new-car warranty. ... More >>

Medicare Open Enrollment Means More To Boomers Than Ever
Identify health care savings opportunities. ... More >>

Helping Kids Succeed
The next time you see kids going to their high school graduation, you're looking at money in the bank for all Americans. ... More >>

Five Steps Toward Successful Job Hunting
Job hunters can have useful connections and great ideas at their fingertips. ... More >>

What To Expect When You're Expecting...A Teenager
Here's good news for parents and people who'd like to be parents: You don't have to be perfect. ... More >>

Five Reasons To Pursue A Professional Doctorate
Over the past two decades, getting a doctorate degree has become increasingly important for people who are not researchers or college professors. ... More >>

The Simpler, More Affordable Way To Invest
New technologies can help you grow your savings efficiently. ... More >>

Three Reasons Not To File A Claim For That Fender Bender
Conditions and situations when you may not care to call the insurance company. ... More >>

Five Everyday Reasons You Need To Know Math
Math plays an instrumental role in making good financial decisions. ... More >>

Don't Leave Your Family With An Unwanted Inheritance
Facts and figures America's 75 million baby boomers should know. ... More >>

Don't Forget An Important Part Of The School Year
Amid all the excitement of the school year there's something very important young men should remember. ... More >>

Picking A Great Place To Work
Good news out of Washington, D.C. for people wanting a great job. ... More >>

How American Farmers Feed The World
Robotic and automotive advances help American farmers. ... More >>

A Guide For Health Care And Insurance Usage: Four Factors That Inform Americans' Health Care Decisions
Access to quality health care and reliable insurance coverage is in a constant state of change. ... More >>

Ten Years After The Financial Crisis, Boomers Struggle To Define Retirement
Restore your confidence that a personally satisfying retirement is possible. ... More >>

What To Do If You See A Suspicious Credit Card Transaction
Four ways to fight credit card fraud. ... More >>

Dos And Don'ts To Help You Keep On Truckin'
Save time and money and treat yourself to an adventure. ... More >>

Plan For Your Retirement
Help ensure you have a financially secure retirement by heeding five hints. ... More >>

It's Not Just Personal, It's Business
Good guidelines can help companies save money. ... More >>

Will You Have Enough Green For Your Golden Years?
If you or someone you care about is at or near retirement, you may be glad to know of a helpful new book. ... More >>

Three Important Things To Know
Insider tips for homebuyers. ... More >>

Money Matters
When it comes to finance, many people working toward financial freedom often make only small strides—but a fresh mind-set can help. ... More >>

Dieting For Dollars
Thanks to "weight loss wagering" with HealthyWage, for many people, looking slimmer means a fatter wallet. ... More >>

Finding Resources For Older Adults
Older people can get help and advice on a number of topics. ... More >>

The Reality Of Recycled Paper
Research shows using wood-based products like office paper actually helps keep American forests healthy. ... More >>

How To Help Your Young Man Succeed
Kids earn higher grades, are more motivated and less likely to drop out when their families are involved in their education. ... More >>

How To Buy A House When You're Only 23
A low-down-payment mortgage leads to homeownership for a 23-year-old college grad. ... More >>

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