The South Sioux City City Council voted to approve Ordinance 2018-3 which bestows harsher penalties to businesses for reporting false fire alarms.

The ordinance was first read at the March 26 city council meeting.

Previously, a business could report six false fire alarms in one year before any fine was imparted. Then, the seventh through tenth false alarms each carried a $25 fine and anything above that was a $35 fine. Ordinance 2018-3 calls for no charge for the first two false alarms, a $50 fine for the third, $100 for the fourth, $200 for the fifth, $300 for the sixth, $400 for the seventh, and $500 for each after over the course of one year.

Additionally, the city council amended the rental inspection program as to allow fire chief Clint Merithew to conduct inspections moving forward.

An ordinance to update the city's existing building codes to align with adopted codes for the State of Nebraska was also approved. That list of codes can be read by contacting City Hall.