At their meeting Monday, the South Sioux City city council again postponed making any changes to the city ordinance regarding the sale and use of fireworks within city limits.

The council voted unanimously to postpone making a final decision until all council members were present. Councilmen Jason Bowman and Lupe Gonzalez were absent.

Currently, the sale of permissible fireworks is limited to June 24 through July 5. There is no specific city ordinance pertaining to setting off fireworks, although they are subject to noise ordinances. The council is considering limiting setting off fireworks to July 1-5 and December 31 through January 1.

“I personally don't think we should be changing any of it,” said Dennis Nelson, council president. He also referenced statistics shared at previous meetings by police chief Ed Mahon that stated there have been fewer firework complaints this year than in previous years.

Councilman Bruce Davis agreed with Nelson.

“The more we shorten it, the more complaints we're going to get,” he noted.

Councilman John Sanders, who had been absent at the last several meetings due to a knee replacement, expressed that he has heard complaints from “at least a dozen good citizens.” He also added that, from what he's seen, those residents who excessively shoot off fireworks aren't flying American flags.

“There's also dogs and young kids,” added councilman Jack Ehrich. “We're not trying to restrict anyone's rights, but we should have some parameters.”